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Do you have Bow legs and Knock Knees?
Are you having difficulty of treatment and spending too much?

We will help you how to cope with your Bowlegs and Knock Knees conditions without undergoing surgery at all.  But first, let us understand the nature of it….

So, What is it Bowleg and Knock Knees?

Bowleg is a term used to describe outward curving of the legs. Also known as genu varum, this is part of normal development. It is actually abnormal for children less than 18 months of age not to be bowleg but if left untreated it will be a physical deformation of the bones to grown ups and adults.

A Knock Knees is a term used to describe inward curving of the legs. It is a condition wherein the knees angle in and touch one another when the legs are straightened. Also known as genu valgum.

How It Affects Our Lives?

It is a common leg problem that can cause self-diminishment, self-inferiority, and socially discomfort. Any forms of deformities like bowlegs and knock knees affect our daily lives, physically and socially. Bowlegs and Knock Knees also add strain to the bones and leg joints and can cause flat footedness, osteoarthrosis, and gonarthrosis.
A Person Having a Bowlegs or Genu varum

A Person Having a Bowlegs or Genu varum

Bowlegged woman bowlegged girl bowlegged man
women with bow legs man with bow legs


A Person Having a Knock Knees or Genu Valgum

woman with knock knees man with knock knees
woman with knock knees man with knock knees

Checking  Your Legs Curvature

bow legged

Picture A
In order to determine your leg type, compare them with the pictures shown above. Ideal legs would look similar to those in picture A. With straight, non-bandy legs, knees and ankles are touching when you stand. In this case, the “right” legs form four windows: between the foot and the ankle, above the ankle, directly under the knee, and above the knee in the lower part of the thighs.

3 types or forms of leg curvature:

О-shaped curvature is a congenital bone deformation where in the standing position - only ankles are touching, and the knees separate; both ankles in this deformation come off like the letter O.

Picture B
Х-shaped curvature is a congenital bone deformation where the standing position shows the touching of only knees, and the ankles are apart; in this type of deformation, the closed legs look the letter X.

Picture C
Other than the true shin deformation, there is also a false shin curvature.
The false curvature is in the unique structure of the lower limbs, which is clearly revealed with a visible curvature, such as when there is no bone deformation and it is related to the complications of muscle tissue distribution (Picture D).

So then, why upset!  If your legs are not so ideal… There are ways to go on and be fashionable at the same time!

Modern science is always capable of practically solving any aesthetic defects, including this one!  Unfortunately, not every person can afford such operation. This is expensive and possibly dangerous option.  Now,

Get your legs into shape without surgery!

This site is intended for anyone wishes to shape their legs and be fit all the time. Our goal is to help you and find better ways! 
Since 2008, we’ve helped lots of people from around the world with aesthetic problems.
So, do yourself a favor - devote 10 minutes to go through this site and give yourself a chance to find out how to make your legs shapely!

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